About us

Marpex Ltd.: providing reliable power for over 29 years

Today Marpex Ltd. is a Bulgarian leader in the provision of dependable power systems for Telecomunications, Information technology and Industrial market.
The company offers a unique product portfolio of AC and DC integrated solutions

Marpex Ltd – key statistics

    Sales: about 2 M€
    Employees: 15
    A full commitment to engineering excellence
-    8 engineers and project managers
-    Application engineering: 8% of sales
    Quality support and service to all our customers
    A strong quality policy according to the most stringent standards
    A country leader in the provision of power systems for industrial and telecom applications

Leaders in power conversion & system monitoring technologies

Our in depth market knowledge, together with a policy of continuous product improvement, allows the company to offer a complete range of competitive Power Systems:
    A comprehensive range of AC UPS from 300VA to 1MVA
    A complete range of DC & AC modular systems
    Stand alone chargers and industrial DC power supplies
    Traction chargers
    Power Controllers and  motor soft-starters
    Railway power supply systems
    High current DC systems for surface treatment industries.
    System control and monitoring modules
Our product portfolio benefits from on-going innovation and improvement in design and production techniques.

Experts in system integration, turnkey solutions and service

Working with our customers, Marpex Ltd. has developed extensive knowledge of system integration. This expertise enables us to offer the most suitable solutions for individual customer requirements, from start to finish.
    Analysis of individual power requirements including environmental constraints via site surveys etc.
    Complete, integrated power solutions combining different technologies:
UPS, modular systems, batteries, gen-sets, distribution, fire alarms, control and monitoring, …
    Engineering and project management for turnkey solutions
    Design and implementation of custom systems
    Installation and commissioning
    Training on site or in training centers of our partners
    24 hours rapid response maintenance contracts available for year round peace of mind

Marpex Ltd.: Reliable Power for Telecommunications, Information Technology and Industry

Our mission is to provide high quality power to safeguard and protect business equipment and critical infrastructure against any mains failure or disturbance:
Telecommunications: fixed line, wireless and mobile operators and equipment manufacturers.
Information Technology: computer rooms, e-trading centers, IP backbone, ISP, Co-locationCentres.
Industrial markets: Oil & gas and heavy industries, utilities, mass transit infrastructure and general industry.

Product lines: a unique product portfolio for combined AC & DC power solutions

Dedicated competence center is responsible for product strategy and business development for each product line. Global co-ordination ensures system compatibility across product lines.
Marpex’ strong expertise in system integration is concentrated in local application engineering teams. They design, engineer and install complete systems incorporating elements from all the different product ranges as well as batteries, gen-sets, etc.

UPS: a complete portfolio of high reliability systems

Online UPS ranges based on IGBT and redundant microprocessor controlled architecture, provide the highest reliability (99.9999 % availability) and efficiency (94%). Together with LAN network integration and broad monitoring capability (UNIX, Windows, Novell, TCP/IP…), offers many advantages including parallel operation and low cost of ownership.
UPS products power critical business equipment in data centers, co-location centers, local networks and industrial applications.   
Industrial chargers & DC systems

Bening offers a wide range of robust DC power solutions for the oil & gas industry, utility companies and transport infra-structures. These are designed for durability under harsh conditions.
We provide a flexible range of customized, stand-alone chargers    and DC power systems, which are compatible     with all battery technologies. also has communication capability for network integration and remote monitoring. Reliability, robustness, simplicity of use, installation and maintenance are just some of the features of Thyrotronic systems.

Modular Power Systems

Benning offers a unique range of versatile system elements which meet the needs of all fixed line or wireless Telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, CATV operators, as well as Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, and
industrial applications. Features such as extremely    high power density, saving, simple maintenance, redundancy, space and low cost of ownership characterize our innovative product range in both DC and AC modular systems.

Monitoring Systems

With the increasing demand for power systems in the telecom-munication sector, and the need for more efficient use of operating and maintenance staff, Benning have produced a range of system monitoring.
The Benning MCU 500, MCU 1000 and MCU 2000+ offer the user a solution depending on the customer requirements. MCU 500 monitoring system. By means of local indication (13 off LED´s) and numerical display, the system status can be quickly assessed. The MCU 1000 additionally offers direct communication, via a RS 485 interface, with the rectifier modules. As an optional extra the MCU 1000 may be fitted with a relay box having 8 volt free contact. Both MCU 1000 and MCU 2000+ monitoring systems have the facility to control and monitor the power system via the public telephone network. As an option, the MCU 1000 and MCU 2000+ signals can be transmitted via modem to a central control station. Using a PC and dedicated monitoring software, information can be sent and received by the customer based in the control station. The MCU 2000+ provides a large range of supervisory functions, and enables easy monitoring and controlling of the power supply system. Communication with the rectifiers is via an RS 485 interface. Options include 8 additional volt free alarm contacts, 24 external digital inputs and 15 measurement channels.

Accumulator batteries by EXIDE Technologies

Network Power
Global data networks and failure-critical applications are today’s basis for the smooth functioning of the world’s economy. To ensure uninterrupted operation, and maxi-
mum availability of your power supply, Exide Technologies will not only provide a system solution but also help you with all planning work, project activities and implementation tasks.
Motive Power
Modern logistics require new concepts to keep your fleet of vehicles available at all times. We offer complete system solutions, not just a battery. Our Energy Package is a complete one-stop solution including batteries, chargers and service delivering the most economic solution for maximum productivity.
Strong brands offered by a single supplier
With a background of many years of experience and expertise in innovative technologies, Exide Technologies the only manufacturer offering such an
extensive product range. No matter what your challenges are – we offer high tech products for practically all areas of application.

Gen-sets by Mosa and Tessari

Mosa and Tessari are specialized in the production of high quality, professional engine driven welders and generating sets. The companies have its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Italy.
Over the years they have supplied several hundred thousand engine driven welders and generators to customers all over the world and the name MOSA has become synonymous with quality and reliability. They have ISO 9001 certification, which covers both the development and the production activities. All purchased components are checked before going to the production lines, and the completed machine is run-in for 1-2 hours before being checked under operating conditions in special test rooms. The final test report, which is signed by the person who assembled the machine and the person who did the QC check, confirms the quality of the machine.